Prayer to Conceive a Child in My Womb

by Trinity (Milnerton ,Cape Town ,South Africa)

dear Lord I pray to you to hear my prayer this year bless my womb so that that i must conceive, I do believe thru your holy spirit i will be able to conceive and have a child ,send your holy spirit in my body and in our house.

I trust and believe that thru the blood of Jesus christ we will be blessed with twins or a child , as having a child is a blessing from God, grant us the love that you said man and woman will cherish to have children.

in the mighty name of jesus christ you know our desire to have a child this year no matter of the age that we are in ,I do believe that thru your holy spirit you will bless us , in the name of our lord jesus christ hear our prayer lord,so that we can cherish the gift of caring and taking care of a child.

I also pray that the lord must strengthen our love to each other , we do believe God you will send your holy spirit in our house in Jesus name let the holy spirit come down in jesus name amen

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