Prayer to come out of poverty

by Annette (St James La.)

my prayer request is for god to help my finances , improve my finances help me to pay off all my bad debts favor with creditors good health and healing. pay off my home for my entire family.

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  1. I need the blessing of a better paying job.

    I’ve prayed and I’ll keep on praying until the Lord answers my pray, and that’s to come out of poverty, and to feel like I’m somebody, and I pray to leave all the doubt and want and need behind. I ask this in Jesus name God. I’ve been without a job for a long time and everywhere I look I’m turned down. Lord I ask to be secure, and every morning not having enough. I need money and I need peace of mind. I need help from God, so this can pass over me and I get a good paying job. Lord please,please,please I beg of you to please help me get a good paying job. I love you and I need you and I need you to please change my life, turn my life around to a better place. Lord I’ve been down so long I ask you God in Jesus name to lift me up, Lord God lift me up, I pray.I know I was a drug addict for many years, and I use to steal to take care of my habit, but Lord that over and I have a record, it’s old but it still come up, and I graduated from college, and have a BS degree in Human Service, so I did try and change my life around, but God I need your help, no one can help me but you, so I’m asking in the blood of Jesus to please help me get a good paying job.

  2. bring us out of poverty

    Dear Lord Jesus please bring my wife and I out of poverty and to have health and happiness on Earth.

  3. Prayer out of poverty

    My prayer is for God to save me from the spirit of feeding from hand to mouth, i was once a giver but after my marriage i find it difficult to give due to excessive debth, i even find it difficult to pay my tithe regularly. I pray for the grace to remain a generous person in Jesus name and say good bye to lack.

  4. Lord listen to my cry

    Help me get out of poverty and debts. Help me pay out all my debts and bills .in Jesus name. Amen.

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