Prayer to Come Out of Irrationality, to be Normal Again

I ask that those with the strongest of faith please pray for me and heal me through The Power of God invested in them, to take me out of my constant state of wonder about the Universe and beyond (if there is such a thing) and to have The Lord reassure me that there is nothing more powerful than He and that He has the Power to override everything that we are able to imagine and eternally beyond even that.

Please ask Him to heal me from my constant state of anxiety, wonder, and depression. I don’t know if I am true insane or not, but if I am, have him heal me from my insanity and back to my normal self and back to my rational and happy state of thinking.

The Devil got me here, and God can and will get me out and defeat the Devil once and for all.
Please pray and help me come out of this.

Much love and thanks, and blessings of my own to you all,


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