Prayer to come out of debts

by Yao (PA,USA)

Eternal God, I am in so much debts that I cannot think right or get things done anymore. I owe so many people that I have no peace and every time I spend most of my time only thinking of how to pay off my debts. My debts continue to pile up and I have no where to go than come to you Lord to take me out of debts and bring me peace.

I have made serious mistakes in planning that has landed me in this situation. God, I acknowledge my mistakes and ask for your forgiveness. Forgive me for all the wrong decisions I have made, and all the people I have hurt by taking these decisions. I have sinned against you and man. Please forgive me and help me find favor with you and men.Refresh me , wash away all my sins and get me started afresh in Jesus name. Bless my home with abundance increase. Enlarge my territory and wipe away all my debts and that I will never lack again. I ask again for forgiveness in all the areas that I have gone wrong. Give me a second chance and bring Happiness to my heart . Give me Joy from you. I want you to bless me and my family financially in Jesus name. Bring a complete financial restoration to me and my family. Thank you Lord !
Thank you Jesus! I Your miracle I wait for ! I am in expectant !

In Jesus name I pray

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