Prayer to combat My Gang Stalking satanic minions

by Mark ()

I am being harassed by these demon filled meth addicts of the antics and so-called white supremacy career felons, by certain technologies as V2K(voice to skull/voice of god), being microwaved with DEW weapons, slandered with lies, my electronic devices being hacked and doing damage to My possessions, as My vehicle. These hive minded controlled gang, which they call themselves as the common prison career criminal losers, Aryan family. The very same most ignorant that fly the Nazi and Confederate flags, which are sworn and hated enemies to the US Republic and any Western Christian country/Nation. After much Bible Investigation, I have come to known these societal parasites as, the Amalakites, always at aggression with Righteousness of God Above, especially with themselves by killing one another, their use and proliferation of meth within their own, their constant dream to be better than anyone who is not their own kind and being transgendered with prostitution of both their sexes, for meth addictions. Adding in their career petty crimes to fuel their meth and now heroin addictions, which cause losses to good honest working people.
Keep Me in Prayer to expose these and to answer in Military Tribunals their crimes against humanity, not just mine, but all those that have been done wrong by such satanic filth. (These openly worship Lucifer the devil)
God Bless You All Prayer Warriors !

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