Prayer to clear my debts and Financial increment

My Father who sits in the throne room of Grace,I humble myself before your throne, I bow before you,I am begging you to hear my prayer today. I am single, mother to the most loving boy that you have blessed me with,and I Thank you for dearly.I am divorced with my husband and he is doing everything in his power to distroy me, i am stitting with depts of a car that he caused, on top of everthing that im responsible for. i have been promised with Jobs and none comes to pass.

My GOD i am begging you to clear my depts, this car, my credit cards, bank loans, retail accounts… in Jesus Name. Father i have rent, groceries and everything else to pay and my parents continue to have sleepless nights because my situation, they are old, they are sick .. and im continiouslly in tears becuase i dont know how i will get out of the situation. MY GOD i beg you to grant me my CSI CEO position that i always wanted, Raise my finances and deal with my husband, retailiate on my behalf. He sits in higher position currently and he treats me like dirt. I cannot afford a lawyer, please be the judge. I have faith in you Lord, i have faith that you are miraculous, i have faith that you will elavate me. Thank you LORD.

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