Prayer to Cleanse his soul Dear Lord

by Carol (Essex England)

Dear Lord help my son, now a man but still a child at heart. All the good I passed onto him in his teaching is lost, he has cut his ties from you and I and all who love him and has taken another route of lies deception and anger, show him that kind and loving boy we once knew who respected all that was good. Give me strength to leave him in your hands now and show him the light and the error of his ways.

Let him repent and show remorse for his actions cleanse his soul and give him re-birth of the heavenly spirit you gave to us all. Take away my fear of what is to come. Give me hope and let him see that happiness, love and caring for others is the most priceless gift in life and has no fee. Blessed is the lord. Thank you for hearing my prayer. I know you hear me and feel my pain I trust your knowledge, wisdom and guidance as our heavenly Father.
Thank you Lord.

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  1. Concern mother

    I pray 4 your sons & understand what u R going through 4 I too have a daughter that does not speak 2 me. But, I trust & believe in our Lord. Know that all we can do is continue to pray & trust in The One & Only Jesus our Lord and Savior. I know He will hear and answer our prayers.
    I will always love❤️her & keep her in my prayers. Especially because she has lupus.

  2. save our sons

    I have a similar situation with my son. I ask the Lord our God to help your son and my son and all the sons of the world to follow his path and turn from the evil that comes at them from all sides. This I ask in the name of our Lord. Amen.

  3. Stray away kids

    I’m Praying with You and for You, we are going through the same thing with My Son In Law! God is a good God and I know He answers Prayers! Father You said ask in it shall be done Lord I am begging for Your help for this persons child and for Sky too give them back what the devil has stolen! NOW Lord! In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen! Amen! Amen!

  4. my prayer for you

    I pray with you for your son and all that you ask the Lord to help him and you.
    I too have a similar prayer for my son.. May God bless you and our sons.

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