Prayer to buy our dream house

Dear st Joseph, angels, saints and everybody please help and pray for myself and partner to buy our dream house. we have chosen it and instantly feels like home to us. we need help financially to buy this house.please pray that our money plans will come through and we can buy our home before anyone else takes it. it would bring so much joy and happiness,we could finally start our life. thank you so so much for helping me, im so grateful for everything and bringing this into our lives. amen

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  1. House

    Good luck to you! I just found the house of my dreams only to find out I lost it by a few hours. I am still praying the first offer does not go through, and I can still get my dream house. I will pray for you too!

  2. to win lottery to help us buy a dream home so can have comfortables and healthy lives for All of us .

    Dear lord and st Joseph please help us for the past thirteen years financially things have not been good for us ..we have been renting for ten years and what we earn doesn’t last for long all I’m asking is your help for us to to afford to buy a dream home of our own where we wont have to worry about paying the mortgage forever so we all lead a very happy and healthy lives together comfortably for husband me and our daughter and our dog too!! I know u might think this is greedy of me believe me I’m not a greedy person I want to help my other family too please hear me I’m imploring you to help us here if you want to do something please give me a sign so that I can take from there bless us all here at home mother my sisters brothers in laws nephews / nieces and all .my good friends amen

  3. I need a prayer

    My partner and I are having a hard time finding a house. People keep overbidding us. Please pray for me and my partner for us to find our dream home in Los Angeles. Please bless my little family.

  4. Prayers are needed

    Its been a long road.. This is my last stop. Some place to call home. Some place I feel secure. Its not a mansion by any means, and that’s fine .. I just want a small home with land for my gardens .. And this is perfect. Please pray they accept my offer. My first home..

  5. Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit

    Request for prayer to buy a home for me and my partner. If we have a own home my parent agree to get marry.otherwise they separate for the reason.My God,My Lord please pray for me to get money as soon to buy a home now we have lease home for living we are thankful for that. But to get consent from my parent we need to buy a own home. Amen

  6. Prayer for a House

    We desperately need a prayer to find a home for my family.
    Small budget and massively overpriced market.
    People keep overbidding.
    Please pray for us to find a lovely place for our children to call home and feel safe and welcome🙏

  7. Prayer for a home

    Please pray for me to provide a good and decent home over me and my sons head. We are lost in this world. Please pray for us so that God may bless us with just enough to sleep well every night. I ask this in this holy name of Jesus Christ.

  8. Overpriced dream home

    My family and I have been living with a family member for a few months now, and i’ve been looking to find our dream home. After the purchase i never want to move again. I recently found the house of our dreams although it is quite over our price range. I am praying that a positive financial situation will take place that will allow us to buy our dream home <3

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