Prayer to Build Strong relationship for my fiancee

by Mari (Manila)

Dear lord, i come before you today, in my deepest pray all of my life i share to my fiance, but now my fiance is little cold for our relationship. Because he meet one woman last two month now they have been dating.

Lord don’t let this happen to our relationship, my whole family was expecting for soon marriages so please lord allow us to spend our life together with my fiance, And the woman involved my fiance now! please go away i pray to you to find a man of your own now my fiance, lord touch this woman heart and give me back my fiance. I love my fiance so much…and be with us don’t let anyone to ruin our genuine relationship for 9yrs.

Be with us lord keep your hand surround our relationship so that no one can ever break our promises., until we get married lord. I love you lord by you by great power lord make a miracle to our relationship. Thank for hearing my prayers.

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