Prayer to Build good relationship between my fiancé and mother

by Ab (New York)


I call upon You to help build a good relationship between my mother and fianc. She has her reservations and doesn’t think highly of him for reasons I don’t understand. Every mention of him, she ignores. As my fianc and I prepare for our marriage, we understand that we must resolve any issues we have now, including issues with my mother. I pray that You give me strength to handle the situation. Please open up my mother’s heart and help her understand the love my fianc and I have for each other. I know she’s scared and that’s understandable but she can’t ignore the facts anymore. Please help the three of us in this situation. I love both my mom and fianc and I can’t choose between the two. I pray for this miracle so we can live in peace. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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