Prayer to Bring Stability and Stillness in My Affairs

by Rebecca (Kansas City)


I seek you in all my affairs, espically this now in a relationship that has been placed in my life. We love each other and want to be happy. Give us the strenght to be strong and not fear the obstacles satan has put in front of us.

Please allow our hearts to heal from the past and let our hearts thrive today. May our faith be on you and let our spirit trust in your ways. Let not our children be wounded any longer from broken dreams and show us the way in loving these children as you love us.

Lord remind us that vengence is yours and still the waters around us. Grant us peace. Place grace in our hearts. Give us the wisdom to take back what the enemy stole. Show us to love one another with out condition. Make our days as many as the stars.

My life is yours and I trust in you. It is all for your glory. Help this women and man become one as you promise. Help our enemies and forgive us for our sins.

In the name of jesus who came so we can have life and more abundantly. amen