Prayer To bring others to God

by Rachel (N,C)

St Joseph

I pray that with a whole heart, That I may live in the way of God. To be able to do as Christ Jesus, shown us to do. That I live by his mission and not my own. To show love to others, and those who don’t live by God. or even those who are not sure of his love, and mercy. That I can help build his church by bring other closer to the lord, as I myself grow closer to him.

I pray for those I hold dear to my heart, that they may find peace. I pray for healing of not just my body but my mind, and soul as well.

St Joseph, take my prayer to my heavenly father. And on my behalf ask that I may have his mercy and grace. his help in my matters. I want to live by him. That he may see what’s in my heart.


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