Prayer to bring my soulmate home to me

by Karen (Ireland)

Lord God Almighty,Jesus,mary, all the saints and angels of heaven please please hear my prayers,

In this my most darkest hour i feel truly lost and alone, so isolated and abandoned my heart is broken and my soul feels destitute.
My partner Shane the father to my two children the only man i have ever loved and still love with every part of my being, has left, and has so far refused to return.
I beg your forgiveness for all of my sins,i can see my own faults and wrong doings now with pure clarity and my soul seeks redemption, i am so truly sorry for all and any hurt, pain or suffering i have caused to him.
And if you lord God the almighty maker of heaven and earth can look into my soul you will see my intentions to change and stand by my words of promise are both true and limitless.
I beg of you God the Almighty,Jesus,Mary all the saints and angels of heaven to come to my aid, please guide Shane home,to me and our children, please let him once again feel the hope in his heart to mend what has been broken in our relationship and in our life.
I ask for your divine intervention in this matter and welcome all prayers of help.
I love him with all my soul and would gladly and willingly give up all my worldly goods if he would just open his heart to me again and come home.
I promise to you Almighty Lord that if my prayers be granted i will spend the rest of my life offering up prayers of thanks and praise and raise my children to love and honour you as i do.
Please Lord interviene for us.
I am so lost and have no where left to turn too.
I know not what to do with myself any longer,i live every moment in all consuming pain and grief.
Please touch his heart and open his soul once more and bring him home to me and our children. Please hear my prayers and i thank you for bringing me back to you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hope God brings your love back to stay for good

  2. Anonymous says:
    God Bless

    May God bless you and your soulmate and see that you are quickly reunited. I know the pain you are going through- it’s as though you’ve lost the strength to live. God is good, have faith and know He is there. Be strong, have a lion heart, keep your head up and know that faith will be rewarded. Remember that to love another person is to see the face of God- you love deeply and therefore see the love God has for you. Be strong, I am praying for you.

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