Prayer to bring my love one back and remove my bad luck. Thank You.

by Tameka Johnson (Lamar, South Carolina)

Dear St. Jude, I need your immediate help oh Holy apostle. I have a really bad luck this year. I lost my car, i couldn’t get a better paying job, and my boyfriend decided he didn’t want to be with me anymore.

St. Jude I need for you to put it in my ex-boyfriend’s, Jonathan, mind, heart and soul for him to make up his mind and realize he wants to be with me. I want him to come back and tell me he wants to work everything out and get back in a relationship and take one day at a time together. I need for his mother and sister to start back talking and being nice to me.

I need for you to help me remove the bad luck i am have been having for the past two months. I believe and have faith that you will answer my prayers Saint Jude.

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