Prayer to Bring my love back

Dear God, Heavenly Father, the almighty one.

Please bring back my love. I’ve done wrong things in the past. I have lost my faith in you. I know I’m unworthy. But God you have always protected me and had the patient to cope with me. I know ive done wrong and it’s time to put my faith back on you. Please give me the strength, the patient, and the heart to love her.

She is the one I’m determined to love and determined to change. Please give me the patient and the strength to change her as well as change me into a better person. Please heal our relationship and give me the wisdom to deal with all the situation in this relationship. I am determined that she will be the one.

I have never felt this strong about another girl, with her I feel like she is the one I am willing to spend the rest of my life with. Father, please reunite us and make our relationship better than before. I know you won’t give up on me and I trust you that if I put the relationship in your hands you will make our relationship happy and fulfilling.

I’m sincere and ready to show both you and her the changes I’m willing to make.

Only you can help my lord.
Thank you for listening to my prayers.

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