prayer to bring my love back

Dear God

I’ve have made some horrible mistakes in the past when it comes to my ex. I drove him away because I did not appreciate the things he did for me. Now he is happy with someone else and it hurts. By time I realized what I had it was too late. God I ask for your forgiveness because I cheated on him and lied to him more than once.

Please God if there is anyway possible please lead him back to me. I love him more than anything and I want him to fall back in love with me. I will never do him wrong again. That is a promise. I know I should let him be happy because I don’t deserve him and even though he has hurt me too and lied to me I think he’s trying to pay me back and it’s ok. I just ask that you can heal his hurt and for him to remember the really good times we did have.

Even though the door keeps closing for us through you anything is possible. I keep getting knocked down but I really want to fight for this relationship. I don’t want to give up on him. I also pray that he can mend his issues with his dad because there’s a void he’s trying to fill. I love you God