Prayer to bring my love back

by Shweta (India)

Dear St. Jude,

I’ve come to you with lots of hope. Please don’t dissappoint me. I love my Shona alot.
I love him truly and purely with my whole body, mind and soul. I would like to marry him and raise a family.

He also loves me but recently some misunderstandings and miscommunication has created between us. I’m so scared to lose him. I’ll die without him.

St. Jude in the name of Jesus and his holy Father, I’m begging you to fill this gap which has been created between us and fill it with lots of love.
I would like to become his best friend, a soulmate on whom he can always rely on.
Please God, grant him in my life.

I promise to help one million people and I’ll say Thankyou to you via them.
I’ll stand by my words. I’m not asking you money or fame. I’m just asking you a lovable life with my sweetheart in good health.