Prayer to Bring my husband home

by Jen (Indiana)

Dear God, please bring my husband home to me and our 4 children. He says he checked out of the marriage last summer and subsequently had an affair. He says it is over but I don’t necessarily believe him. She too is married and this whole thing is just so devastating to me and our children.

I need you to work a miracle in his heart. I haven’t been perfect and have struggled at doing and saying the right things since I found out about the affair. I do know I love him and want to make this work. He says he loves me too but is more at peace living by himself. I feel we will continue to drift apart unless you step in. Please God, bring my husband home.

I’m sorry for all my sins, so please forgive me and work a miracle in my husband’s heart. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. Praying for you

    Praying for you, it is a hard road to walk. God please give Jenna the strength and wisdom and comfort she needs to move ahead in her walk with you caring for herself and her four children. I know you forgive her for her sins and she can count on you. We ask that the forces that are holding her husband captive will be broken in Jesus name and there will be a chance for reconciliation. If he doesn’t know you Lord send helpers to him that will lead him to the truth of your love and forgiveness too. In Jesus Name AMEN

  2. have faith

    I pray that god will reunite you and your husband back together. What god put together no one can separate it. I am going to the same thing but just my husband live with a but she not married. Both of us have done wrong. But I do know there’s no situation bigger than. Keey praying and not worrying. You need to get two or more god fill person and your need to come in agreement together and stand on God’s word. God loves you and I do to. Amen

  3. Family Restoration for Jen

    Lord i lift up Jen to you right now in the precious name of Jesus Christ. I ask for you to answer the deep cry of her heart to bring her husband back home. I pray for family restoration for them. Have mercy upon their sins and grant them favor. Lord you said what God has brought together, let no man separate. So right now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray for every stronghold of Satan to be broken off of the life of this man in the name of Jesus. Every demonic influence holding him captive in adultery any confusion, unrest, be loosed from him by the power God. I pray for healing and deliverance for both Jen and her husband. Lord you are the God of restoration. Restore this family whole. In Jesus name. Amen.

  4. Lifting you up

    Going through a similar situation.

    I lift you up in our Lord Saviors name Jesus Christ! I pray that He works in your husbands heart to bring him
    Home to you and your children.

  5. Jesus

    Lord please grant the miracle..the most painful part of living is being betrayed by a spouse..I pray to lord to give her strength .amen

  6. Jesus

    Lord please grant the miracle..the most painful part of living is being betrayed by a spouse..I pray to lord to give her strength .amen

  7. prayer


    Here the prayers of her heart. Make her family whole, let your will be done and the truth of your life shine through. Fill her heart with your life so there is no emptiness there.

    In Jesus name

  8. Fix this marriage


    Please hear her prayers lord. Touch hr husbands heart that he may repent and go home to his wife and children lord. I ask that you bring her peace in this time, that comfort her and heal her heart. I ask lord that you comfort and protect their children lord, for this can not be easy on them. Lord please provide an opportunity for resolution and reconciliation for this couple lord.

    In his name I ask all these things, Amen.

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