Prayer to bring my husband home

by Valerie (Rio Rancho, NM)

I am afraid today because my husband has left since Tuesday of this past week and has not come home. We have responsibilities here in our new home. We have been having problems because my husband has a gambling problem and has lied to me on several occasions about this. He does not work very often as he is self employed so we have very tight finances.

Yes I am wrong also for trying to hold on to him to tightly which is what is pushing him away. I am surrending to that today. I need my husband home because I love him so much. I am afraid that he is seeking other women as well and he always promised me he would not cheat on me. Please pray for us that we can reconcile the marriage and be one again and then also for our finances. We have a mortgage payment coming due on the first of November and a bank loan.

Without prayers, nothing happens. With prayer, things will happen. We both need to be blessed with understanding and love for one another. Forgiveness so I can forgive him totally for past lies and things he has hidden from me so I can move on with more love for him in my heart.