Prayer to bring my husband back

by Noel (New York)

Heavenly father,

Please forgive me father for my sins. I know it is selfish of me to ask that you to bring my husband back home and show him that this is where he belongs when there is so much suffering in the world. I have witnessed your miracles when you guided the hands of the surgeons that operated on my daughters brain when she was 2.

I am asking now for you help guide my husbands lost heart back. I miss him so much. I always thought that I didn’t need him, but I do. He completes my heart. He completes my family. He makes me laugh and happy the way no one else can. I know so much damage has been done, but I believe with your guidance Heavenly Father you could help repair our broken hearts. I wish he knew how much he is wanted and loved. I know I was lost and wondered away from you, but I was angry, but I believe o Lord, I believe. Please bring my husband home. Amen.

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