Prayer to Bring my husband back home to me

by Ga (California)

Lord, please have mercy on me and return my husband to me. He has let the devil tempt him and confuse him. Lord, please remind him of the vows he made to me and all the promises he made me. Open his eyes, ope n his heart and soul and allow me to enter. I KNOW we are soulmates Lord, now allow him to realize this too.

Make him brave and strong to fight for our marriage. Please take away all that unnecessary pride, so he can contact me to begin healing our marriage. Lord you know my love and commitment to him. You know of my pain and journey since he left me Lord, there are no secrets for you. Please allow me the opportunity to show you what I’ve learned and how happy we can be together.

I know you did this to teach me something Lord and you know I am learning the lesson. Thank you God for this test, I love you. Thank you for all your blessings, now just light his path towards me. I know you are already answering this prayer. Amen