prayer to bring my girlfriend back

by Jose (Fort Worth,TX)

Almight lord,

Help me in these tough times. Its hard getting up everyday and not being able to talk to her, everythomg changed from one day to the other without any clear reason. Im lost i try to stay strong and not think of her but it hurts i miss her smile and the way she brought out the best in me day in and day out.

Maybe somewhere along the way i forgot how to make her laugh, all i am asking for is one more chance because i know we are meant to be together. Dear lord i beg you you to guide her back to me even if you dont bring her back i would like you to always keep her by you side and and give her the happines she deserves even if its not meant between us.

But i pray u can put me in her heart again and let me cross her mind through a memory and allow her to call me. Thank you lord i love you and let your will be done. In Jesus name i pray. Amen