Prayer to bring my Fiance Home


Dear God, I pray that you will help my fiance and I return back to the loving, respectful, honorable relationship that we had. My story of my split is not only shocking to me but to all our family and friends.

My fiance and never fought, of course we would have small disagreements but we were always able to talk them out and they would be over in a matter of minutes. My fiance lost his Father a little over a year ago and had lost his mother when he was in his teens along with a lot of his family.

I know that he never dealt with his father passing and around Thanksgiving he lost a dear friend. That is when things went into a tail spin. He said he no longer loved me and wanted to leave. He moved out and in with another woman that is very abusive and drinks a lot.

He has told me that they fight and it gets physical. He left Christmas Day but all he has taken since he left is his clothes. I still have everything else (tools, toys ect.). Who he is right now is not him, he has cut himself off from all friends and family even his own.

I know he is lost and wants to come home and I want him home. Please Dear Lord help me bring him home where he is loved, nurtured, respected, and honored. He is lost right now I beg for your help to bring him home