Prayer to bring my fiancé close to you to stop his abusive ways towards merge women that unconditionally loves him”

by Anonymous (California)

Dear lord my father I am praying to you because you know the situation I go through almost everyday with him always making me fee less of a woman, less of a mom, less of a fianc , literally less of everything.

You and I know I come to you everyday with my emotions with my tears with my feelings due to his verbal words that hurt to my soul. I pray to u now because I am in the bridge to walk away from this relationship but it hurts me because I love him and it hurts me to know my daughter will have a broken home due to his arrogance and ego.

Lord, please humble this man down bring him to his knees to seek you and your kingdom make him see that through you he can become a better man.. Or he will lose us my lord I am willing to give up everything I have now in return for a good man who is in church with us and who is humble and soft with us and his family”…

Thank you my lord and I am not afraid of anything because I have you in my life my lord

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