Prayer to Bring my Family back Together

by Aleapoffaith (US)

Dear Jesus,

Please help me and my family. We have been apart for six months now, for an issue with my husbands birth documents. Jesus this has been so hard for me to endure all of this frustration and disappointment. Sometimes I wonder why me oh Lord, why do I have to go through this, why do my children have to go through this. I just don’t understand sometimes, why I am always alone and sad. Why am I always getting the heavy-load. Some things I just don’t understand. I do know, that you have full control over my life, and everyone else’s. I hope that you help us God! I really am feeling disappointed and, I admit, angry. It’s hard to not feel these feelings, when it seems like my prayers aren’t doing much. I don’t know why I have to go through all of these things. Just to live, I don’t understand why it’s so difficult, to just live and be with my family. I sometimes ask myself is it worth continuing to live, to have these emotional negative feelings, when all I want to do is love and be with my family. It’s so hard for me to grasp why “I”, “myself”, am always alone, feeling sad. I just wonder if anybody notices the things that I go through. No father in my life, no one there to help me in my time of need. Why me Oh God? Why am I being torn away from my family, my husband, my kids? Why are you choosing to do this to me. Help me understand. I don’t consider myself a negative or bad person, I just want to be with my family that’s all I want. If there is anything you can do to help me God, please do. If there is one thing or one blessing I would like to have for my birthday, that would be to bring my family back together. Please Jesus!

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