Prayer to Bring my family back together

by Ericka (Covina)

I pray and ask others to pray over uniting my family together especially my boyfriend and I we have a baby together and I have another son from a previous relationship,

I pray that my oldest and myself can have a healthy relationship with my boyfriend, I pray that I can control my anger and not lash out and pray for the strength to always remain calm, I pray that my boyfriend can control his temper and not say mean stuff about my son and I,

I pray that when he does, he doesn’t mean it. I also will be out of a home come this Friday, I pray that my kids and I will be okay, and I pray by the grace of you God almighty my boyfriend moves in with us if it is in your will God almighty, I also ask for others to pray over my family, as I will yours.

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  1. Live by faith not by sight

    Hello I will pray for you and your family. Do not get discouraged and continue praying and continue to have faith in the lord that he is watching everything but remember it is on his own time not yours and everything that is going on in your life that is under control the devil is working everyday 24 hours to destroy families , unity , love and the devil tries to make u feel the lord is unreal and he wants you to disconnect from the lord. So please keep praying stay strong that at the end of that dark tunnel you will see the light.

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