Prayer to bring my family back together after mothers death

by Pam (Riverside, Ca)

Dear Father,

Please help me and my sister find peace and unity again following my moms death.
I know you have taken mom into your arms with love, please help my sister and I mend our wounds,mistrust and the hurt that is in both of our hearts as well as both sides of our remaining family.

I am the oldest, I had to take charge as mom wanted, but now my sister thinks ill of me, threatens me with court. I only ask that you guide me to do the fair and right thing in regards to dividing my mothers belongings between her heirs, let me not be biased, or selfish in anyway.

Let my sister and her family see someday, that I was fair and just with everything mom had left in my charge, and that we come back together as the remaining family that we are. Not divided, misguided or vengeful as it seemingly is turning out to be.

I know you love the family, I know you love all of us, I also know that your Holy Spirit will work through me and others to do the right thing for all concerned, and the hurtful accusations will be proven to be untrue.

As we all come together again, in love and peace. Amen and Amen.

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