Prayer to bring my ex boyfriend back to me

by Ashley (San Antonio, Tx)

Dear Lord I prayed long and hard about the decision i had to make concerning my ex boyfriend Justin. Deep within my soul i knew I had to end things with him because they were getting rocky for both of us. Even though i didn’t want to end our relationship because i was happy I knew he was drifting away from me. Lord I don’t know what to do anymore I can’t stop thinking about him or missing him. I’ve never felt this way before for any guy and my friends call it love. I want my ex boyfriend and i to have a second chance at things. I feel deep down that we are mean’t to be together I’ve gotten so many signs and I just need some help to have him come around and just talk to me. Right now i’m hurting because I miss him so much and everyone is saying it was my fault and why did i end things i didn’t want to end things I just wanted things to get better for both him and I. Lord please hear my prayer to fix mine and Justins relationship I miss him oh so much and the good times we did get to spend together I loved his daughter and all of his family and i just can’t get over it. Please let us have one more chance open up his heart and let him know how much he still means to me because I can’t bring myself to even look at another guy because I still feel a part of me is with him and wants to always be with him. He came when i was at my weakest and we both helped each other succeed. Lord if you gave me this one chance this one opportunity I would be eternally grateful. So please mend our broken hearts and just bring us together and to not let anything separate us from each other. I want us to have a family someday and I can’t think of anyone else i would want to be with anymore. Lord I know you wouldn’t put me in this situation and make me think of others before myself but this time I’m asking and begging for one more chance with this man who gave me the world and thought of me as his whole world I want him back or to at least try to rekindle our relationship. Please lord help me. Amen

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