Prayer to bring my children home, with me their mother where they are safe and loved

by Zylah ()

I have a manipulative ex husband who had friends make malicious reports against me, so cps was involved, I thought it would all blow over, I am good mum, I don’t drink, smoke, drugs anything at all that would warrant their involvement but I do have health problems, and depression in the past so they where accusing me of being mentally ill! Anyone would be upset and stressed with unwarranted cps involve the. Due to being in a small town I lost every friend I had and lastly my relationship with my dad broke down. So I made the biggest mistake in my life I ran to help, I did not run from cps, all my family and friends live in SA Aus, so I took the kids on the bus and they were looking forward to seeing everyone. My son was 10 and my little girls 3 and 15 months (still breastfeeding) so we went to my mother’s by morning the front of the house was swarming with police, the currier cps worker from the town we lived had made us missing people (they knew where we were) and because of that it was a federal case and the had jurastiction and could extradite my children back to the town. My children were forcibly removed my son kicked and fought they even took my baby off my breast while she was feeding. That was the most devastating day in my life! They left my son there with his fathers family and told them if the didn’t file for full custody they would put him in foster care. So cps were happy to seperate siblings. So my little daughters live with their dad who at first was a stranger to them, they are being neglected abused, both riddled with headlice since April, my 4yo has untreated exthma from head to toe, she has also had a few facial bruises and grazes, she tells me her dad plays his phone all day and only stops to make them food, they are always dirty with knotty hair not used with a brush. My youngest is one she has also had lice since April and hers is so bad she has scabs all over her scalp, she has had severe nappy thrush for 8 weeks now broken and bleeding. There are so many things that keep me up at night because I worry about my babies. The last worker was corrupt and failed her duty of care ignoring these issues I would always bring up, my mission in life is to make sure she gets sacked. Please pray that all 3 of my beautiful children come home to their safe, loving, caring mum where they where always cared for and the home where they belong. My life had been hard since then I only see my girls, and that is twice a week. Please pray to the lord that my babies come home!! I would give anything for them to be with me!

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