Prayer to bring my Adam back to me

by Lost In Love (Ky.)

Merciful Jesus, I pray you come to me tonight and bless me with this love that I have for Adam, that may that love enter his heart for me, that this love I feel for him will pull at his heart and bring him back to me to stay, dear Jesus bless me and Adam with your love to be united as one with each other, let Adam feel this love I have for him, Lord let this love grow stronger than my dreams dare to come true, Jesus I do love you so much I don’t want to love anyone else above you Jesus, but I know now that having Adam back in my life with be a blessing in my life, he was brought into my life Jesus for reasons only you can know, I’m praying that you will look into my heart Jesus, see my true intentions towards Adam and bless us to be as one forever in love your love. May your love on me and Adam be evident for all to see, I pray that everyone will see this love for him and me that you will give us. You are amazing I have always came to you with all my needs, I praise you to all who will hear me, I know I can’t do this without you Lord Jesus, if I could touch any part of you with my thoughts of my heart on my mind, I know you will bless me.

Have mercy on me and my love for him, this I pray with my full heart Jesus, change Adam’s heart so everyone can see, watch over him, keep him safe, reunite us in your love Jesus.
I pray this prayer in your name Lord Jesus,

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