Prayer to bring me and my partner back together

Hi this is my prayer request pray for me as I submit my broken relationship to God.

Father God, I pray that you intercede on behalf of my partner and I. Help us to see things from your point of views, and to learn to accept our mistakes and work on our differences.

Help us to leave our childish ways behind, and to forgive one another. Lord reverse every negative thing that is not pleasing to you, and release any anger, jealousy, resentment, feeling of confusion, lust and rejection. Every distraction and evil spirits in our lives die by fire in the name of Jesus. Help us to see potential in each other. Break down all dividing walls, and restore the love we once felt for each other.

Lord help us grow daily in love trust and mutual understanding. May we learn to love each other in a better way than we did before. Help us to nurture and support each other as we start the journey in reconciling this relationship. Lord your the healer and healing is possible, because you are jehovah rapha I put my trust in you. Thank you for answering my prayers, and I will forever always see you first and keep your words in my heart in Jesus name.