prayer to bring me and my children back together

by Stephanie Gutierrez (Phoenix Az Usa)

I havent spoken to my two oldest kids because of an arguement we had. and now my son refuses to talk with me. i have 7 kids one boy and 6 girls and he is my oldest. i miss him so much and love him with all my heart but i know he doesnt love me. i dont understand what is wrong with him, i have never done wrong by him or his sisters. everything i have ever done was for them. and the rest of them know that except for him. i love my kids and i want us to be together and close. i have so many things going on in my life with not being able to find a job. and now with my kid not speaking to me. i feel even more miserable. please pray for me and my family. in jesus name, amen.

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  1. stolen by lies

    I had a son from my high school “sweatheart”. He never took care of my son, for over 20 years he didn’t pay child support nothing. My son seemed depressed and kinda lonely. And he was going to turn 20 so I thought it was time to tell him about his dad. I looked on Facebook and found him. I felt sorry for the guy. I spent over $1600 to help him move and get on his feet. For what he turned my son against me with nothing but lies. The loser believes his a demon. I believe he is just a loser who has nothing at 40 years old so he has stolen with lies my most precious treasure my son and the love of my son. He barely speaks to me and if he does he want money or something from me (my son that is). He seems to have so much hatred toward me. The guy knew we had a son he chose not to be part of his life as a way to not pay child support. I didn’t ask him for anything because I knew he didn’t have an education and was barely surviving. I had it tough too but a lot better than him. He wanted to be with me but I just couldn’t give him a chance, he is an alcoholic and smoker. I am neither of those. I have a life, a career and two other sons. I can’t be with a man like him. He wanted me to support him. I won’t, so he turned my son against me. Please, please help me pray for my son to come back to me. Children need to realize that we love them and if someone is important it is family. He is not his family, he chose not to be part of his life, his doing this to get back at me and using him to help him not be lonely and support him. He can’t survive without extra help because he drinks his life away. Please anyone out there help me pray for my son to come back. I will pray for your children to get back together. Family is first.

  2. Pray for my son to come home

    i didnt realise that so many women go through this. i have been married for 14 yrs, we have 2 children together (sons) and then my husband told me i was no use to him he wanted a woman who can take care of him, and with that he began communicating with an ex girlfriend who was herself married. he invited this woman to our home to stay, and told me he is going to sleep with her and there is nothing i can do about it, i got a beating of my life when i dis approve of this . The woman came she stayed a week and they slept together, after the 3rd day i made a big stink about what was going on, again he hit me i brought the poilce. she eventually left and went back to her family. and i guess they postpone begining a life together. i got a restraing order and he was out the house, he tried intimidation and when that didnt work he decide he will use my children. As he knows i will do anything for my children, he began telling them that he apologyse to me and i feel i better that him as i wont accept his apologyse, when that didnt work he degan telling likes like i have a man and i want his house, the man has been on disability for the past 9 yrs, iam the sole bread winner in the house.
    with these lies and manipulation and the threat that he will kill himself my elder son who was 13 yrs stop listening to me, because everything i was saying was lies, then my son told me he wants to go live with his father or else he will run away, i didnt want that, i ask if he was sure he said yes .
    now my son dont speak to me he passes me straight in the road and wont answer any of my phone calls. whenever he calls he calls me by my first name, or says things like i dont want to speak to you i want to speak with my brother. i usually dont put up with that, i will hang up because he is a chuld and he must respect me so when he calls he needs to adress me properly.
    but please pray for my son with me, let him realsie the path his father is taking him down would only result in him getting hurt and his father is using him to get back at me. i dont want to force him to come home i need him to come on his own.eureka

  3. Love her

    I pray for my daughters happiness and that she understands that she is more important in the friends that surround her that she learns to believe in herself and understand that I believe at her too and that I’m willing to work on myself to help strengthen her so she does not have to rely on a circle to be seen

  4. Bring my son home

    Please prey to god to bring my son home.i can’t see my only grand son or my son, I am in messory, I miss them and love them so much! Prey for me.thank you connie

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