Prayer to bring Love into our Relationship

by Haley (US)

Dear God, I pray that you will rach down and fill mine and my boyfriend’s hearts with love,joy,hope and honesty with each other. My boyfriend makes me the happiest that i’ve been in my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with him and fall in love like theres no tomarrow. We don’t have many promblems, nor fighting.

We’re happy together, its just were going threw a little rock patch obviously the devil is trying to bring me down, which satan must know my boyfriend is my weakness. He’s telling me stuff like I don’t care about him anymore, and he is just putting a lot of stuff threw my mind and I just know it’s not true though.

Because if I didn’t want to be with him I wouldn’t care, but I do care more than anything. Please God I pray just let us be meant to be together anf give us love that will overcome anything. Please Dear Jesus, thanks for listening.