Prayer to Bring Him Home to me and his Family

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am servant humble, Hear my pray, my dear reind David has been away from this mother and son for 10 months. His mother is sick his son are in school trying to become doctors.

10 months ago I met David he seems to be a God Fearing man honest and devoted to his sons and mother,

David went on a businee trip to purchase items for his company, he ran into some problems with Ghana.Thinking he could do the documents for his purchase upon his arrival back home.

This mother has borrowed money from everyone she could I helped as much as I could. $179.00, is keeping him from come home to his family.

Father, I asked that you fine it i the heart of Ghanaian, to call Madrid Spain tell them they made a mistake,to allow David to fly home tomorrow to his family.
David has a good heart and does and will share his blessing with you and others.

David and I plan to marry as soon as $179.00 is cleared for him to travel home. His sons and mother has suffered enough without David presents

In your mercy I ask dear Father