Prayer to Bring healing to our hearts and and open for forgiveness

by Ada (Ontario)

God I pray in your name please allow my son anthony to open his eyes and heart to my husband AJ and respect him as a father figure to trust and love him unconditionally…

And for my husband AJ to let go of his anger and open his eyes and heart to heal forget about the past and move forward and not separate our family to reconne us how we were to love and care for each other for anthony AJ Bella and Rosa and me Ada to come together as we once were united as one and grow stronger..

You that allowed us to join as 1 to keepbupnlike that strong and safe.. As said what God join not man or woman can break… So help us heal .. Help us open or hearts and love each other… Help us grown .. Keep us in your hand and never leave our side with out you we r nothing…

You have gave us wealth in so many ways not just financial but all around.. I ask for nothing more but to heal our family in your name my God AMEN

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