Prayer to bring clarity and love back into my relationship

by Denise (Calgary)

I pray to St. Jude that you bring healing to my relationship. I love Stan and his sons. My relationship is currently under siege by an interfering and manipulative woman. I don’t doubt her affections for my partner, but he is my partner, not hers.

I am grateful for the assistance that she has been able to provide with vehicle rides and moral support with outstanding legalities from his failed marriage. I realize that Stan and I met at a difficult time in his life. I have held onto hope and belief in our relationship for the passed 5 and half years. I am worried about this other woman now.

Please St. Jude heal Stan’s heart from the deep sense of failure he has harboured over his failed marriage that ended 7 years ago. I pray that the court system relinquish the heavy and unfair judgment they have placed on him. I pray that this other woman finds a man that is free for her to be with.

I pray that his eyes be cleared so that he can see what this woman is doing; she is manipulating him for she is preying on his vulnerability – my guess is that she has done this before. I ask St. Jude in a humble way and with an open heart that you break this negativity – please turn this woman’s eyes away from my partner.

My heart is broken. Please St. Jude I ask you to heal my relationship! I ask that I be shown a clear sign that you have heard my prayers and will work with and for me.

I offer up prayers for all the others who have written seeking healing in their relationships. May St. Jude’s healing powers be at work in your hearts as well as mine.