Prayer to Bring Back the One and only Woman I Love and How the Relationship Used to Be

by George (Papua New Guinea)

Jesus, you know how my partner and I used to love each other. It was the kind of love that there is no second person in the relationship. It was the kind of love that we never got enough of each other every day and would do anything to keep in touch. We were happy and satisfied with each other.

Then just this year, things just went opposite as my partner doesn’t seem to love me the same way. the relationship was so opposite from the way it used to be. I prayed hard to keep us going and for things to return to the way it used to be.

Please, I pray that things will go back the way it used to be and my partner to be the partner that I used to know. I just love her so much and she is irreplaceable in my heart. I love her and her only. There is no one else in my heart.

Please I need your prayers.

Jesus please help me.