Prayer to Bring Back the Love of My Husband

Dear God,

Dear God you sent me a wonderful caring man that made me fill worthy of being loved. He gave me sunshine every day. He loved me so.But in 5 years our physical intimacy was not active that resulted to have a problem now.

Three months ago I read messages that he his texting a girl and he told that for almost 2 months they have relationship. But he told me that he already ended that relationship with her because he love our family. But for past 3 months I still in doubt if he really end up the ir relation, because he does’nt to make love with me anymore.

its been three months Father, help him to remember me, help him to bring back his love to me again . I did not hold strong My Father. I am so sorry. Please place it up on his heart to remember our love that was once so true . Help him understand what I went through also.Help him to forgive me .

I pray that he may really end up his relationship with that girl and bring back his love to me again Please bless us . Thank you Jesus. Amen

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