Prayer to bring back the love of my husband

by Sarah (Usa)

Dear God I pray everyday for the return of my husband. I need a miracle. He wants a divorce & I do not. I’m very much in love with him & always will be. Dear God put back the love in his heart for me. Give our marriage a second chance. We have four beautiful children together & we all need him to be good father & husband again. I just want my loving family back together again in your name I pray Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray to St. Jude also that we will be one again. I feel it in my heart that God is by my side keeping me strong through all of this. I keep my faith & ask for all the prayers I can get. This is the worst pain I have ever felt. But God helps me. I feel Him with me. God please restore our marriage. In your name I pray Amen

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