prayer to bring back my true love and father of my children.

by Veronica (Desert Hot Springs)

Lord I come to you lord knowing no one else can fix what’s going on with my love and I, only you can lord can make him realize Jesus that we all make mistakes and we need to forgive each other for them because that’s what a family does, Jesus I have shown you.

I have changed my attitude I have shown nothing but love and patience to my family lord I understand I was a hard on him lord and I don’t understand him at times lord and the time of confusion got the best of me.

I understand he’s hurt by the way he speaks to me, Jesus let him know I have changed my way of thinking, speaking as well as my act, let him know our children need him as much as he needs us, let him know I will show nothing but love and patience .

let him know i will not speak a hurtful word to him or anyone else especially him and my children, give me back my family make our relationship stronger than it ever was don’t let him give up on me let him realize our family is worth everything. In your merciful name Jesus Christ I pray amen.