Prayer to Bring back my love.

My wife and I have been married for 22 years. We have three children that are polite and a blessing. Over the years, we have had many ups and downs. Six years ago, during one of our darker down times, I agreed to return our family to her home country.

At first, all was grand. The passion in our relationship flourished. Our children made many new friends. That was until this past year. My wife began to pull away from us and seemed to be lost in her own world. She neglected our house and herself. Often she would not eat for days. I feared for her health and she finally agreed to a full check up.

After staying all day and night with her at the hospital, I had to return home to care for our children. That morning she disappeared. I went to the police, talked to all our friends and family, and even asked the help of a private detective. All of this happened four months ago. I am alone in a foreign land trying to care for my three children. I search for my love every day. I pray with every breath i take.

I beg you Father, return my wife to us. Guide her home. A gentle whisper from you and mountains quake.

I ask all this in Jesus name.