prayer to bring back my love of my life..

by Brian (Black Mtn, NC USA)

Dear Lord.. I know im not a prefect person.. but you brought this perfect angel into my life, Candice.. she was there at my lowest point went i have given up on ever finding that right person for me.. on that given Saturday morning when you collided our lifes together.. shes so perfect for me in everyway..

we are so great together, even though we are different. but our ideas, hopes and dreams are the same.. over the past 10 months it has been so amazing.. waking up each morning to have this wonderful person in my life…

to have fall`n so in love with her.. wanting only the best out of life for her. wanting to be by her side in everything, never to hinder her ever. but to be that rock in her life, to hold her, cherish her, honor her, protect , her love her like no other ever could… i do , shes the best thing that ever happen to me, outside of my daughter being born.. but the love i feel from her, the caring, honesty.. i so amazed by her….

well God you know she left me 2 weeks ago and broke my heart.. but i love her so and want her back in my life and i in hers.. im praying for her to open her heart and let me in to love me as i do her,, i only ask because i know she loves me..

i just do, not only as a friend but much more. we are so good for each other.. just dont want this perfect union to go away.. ask of you God to open her heart up and let me in.. for i will never hurt her in anyway but always honor her and love more than anyone could…

please God … A christmas wish for a miracle to bring us back together, forever

Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer..