Prayer to Bring Back My Lost Love

by MM (DE)

God, it was not long ago when her and I had the ideal relationship. She was/ is everything I searched my whole life for. Unfortunately, I let my fears and anxiety tear us apart. We had so much love for each other, and I was so scared of losing her.

I let this fear consume me and acted in poor judgement. Constantly questioning everything and trying to prevent bad things from happening. There is no doubt in my mind that we were meant for each other. Since she left I have been working on bettering myself and showing that we can have that fantastic relationship. It has been a little over two months since we broke up, and although I have done so much with my life since I still miss her and hope for us to get back together. Please God send me this blessing and bring my true love back. Please help her to see my improvements and to know we can be happy together again.

I love you God, I don’t know your plan for me but I know you will do what’s best for me. Amen.