Prayer to Bring Back My Husband and Rebuilt the Relation.

by Sheme (Dubai)

God I thank you for all that you have given us and prayer for all my friends,family, people I know and unknown people, shower your blessings on all so that everyone follows the way of righteousness.

Lord I prayer for my husband who I has been in a relationship with a girl and have forgotten us, got carried away with the fantasies of the world, which has taken us to divorce. I prayer that he realizes and come back to us for good, as myself and our daughter we really love him and wants him back.

Lord I prayer for that girl so that she gets away from him and live her life where she is meant to be, despite of knowing that he is married and a father, knowing he is my husband, she got stuck to him and tells everyone that she is comfortable with him.

Lord I don’t know where I am standing and I am going through all the anxiety, I still miss him a lot and always remembers the time we spend together, Looking at my daughter I feel even more depressed and low for what she is facing, wherein she doesn’t deserves that.

Lord help me, I am scared that I might not fall into any fantasies of the world and get carried away and later regret on the same. I know I don’t have patience, self control and could not stop my emotions to be expressed. I am getting into that inferior complex zone where I am finding myself low and I feel its my mistake as well for not understanding and taking care of my husband the way he wanted, and for that reason he got drifted away from us.

Lord listen to my humble prayer and please let him come back in our life.

In Jesus name we pray!!!


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