Prayer to bring back my boyfriend

by Jeannie (Balto,Maryland)

Dear Lord,, please send my boyfriend back to me, I know he is my soul-mate and I took him for granted and I know he still loves me.

I’m so sorry for all the things that I didn’t do to show him how much I really loved him and he was always there for me and my kids,I didn’t run around and neither did he and he got tired of me hardly showing him affection and he told me over the phone he don’t think its gonna work out.

I try calling him but he said its over and that hurt me so, please Lord, give me just one more chance and I promise, I will him all the love and attention that I should have given him, I want to spend my life with this man and since he’s gone I truly realized how much I really love and miss him. please Lord I pray bring him back to me. Amen!

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