Prayer to bring back lost love.

by Anonymous (Cochin, Kerala, India)

Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,

I have been under severe depression for the past 8 months. I cannot be happy. I am always sad. I cannot see the brighter side of my life now. I was in a serious relationship with a girl and suddenly one day she left without telling me the reason.

This impact on losing her gave me a feeling that I lost everything in my life. I cannot work well, sleep well, study well, enjoy well, nor do anything that makes me happy. I badly loved her. You have seen it. I was always sincere. I always loved you as well. Now I am completely naked in the dark.

She was a very nice girl and now I lost her. I badly want her back. you know how much pain I am taking while typing this letter. Please find a way for her to return back to me. Love could not be taken and it has to be earned. I always trusted you. Nothing is impossible for you.

I believe in you. Then please make the impossible thing to happen. I swear to you, if I dont get her back very soon, You know very well what I am thinking. If you really consider me as a lost sheep of Yours, then please do the needful.

Otherwise, I will find all the ways to end everything(You know What I meant).

Yours lovingly,

A broken heart of a soul.

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