Prayer to bring a loved one back

We have been together for almost a year; everything was ..perfect, we never had to fight, every argue was solved as soon as we encountered a problem.

Then 4 weeks ago, he left .. he simply left, without a word, without an explanation; in the morning he was asking me to marry him, in the afternoon he was gone, refusing any contact, refusing to answer the phone or talk or .. anything else.

I do not understand what happened, I do not understand his reasons, I have a deep feeling he is regretting this situation too,yet I don’t know what could I do.

The only thing I can say is I want him back ..

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  1. to get my beloved back

    god please give back my sanjay.i cant live without him.he was with me for the past 3 years and 8 months.troubles happened before 2 months made my life i cant concentrate in studies and other activities..only thing i know is i want my lover back

  2. One year

    I will pray that The Lord gives you strength
    To go forward and seek the new day
    Please go to church each week
    God has you in his plan
    Trust him

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