Prayer to break up all the black magic powers and keep my husband away from his evil familyand break the deep love affair which is strongly going on between my husband and his froend’s wife.!

by Rita (India)

Dear Lord Jesus,

As your child,i come to Thee and i ask you to forgive me all my sins and to keep my relation with my husband pure.Lord,my husband has been cheating on me and my mother in law she only beleives and works on black magic and she has been cheating the priests,etc.

she has been living only on her powerful black magic powers which no one knows as she shows herself to be extremely holy in the church.I ask you Lord,to listen to my prayer and destroy completely all the black magic powers which my mother in law has done on my husband,and on her daughters family.

Listen to my prayer Lord Jesus,and answer me,as my husband is all for his family is he is completely cheating over me in many ways.Open my husbands eye my Lord ans give him wisdom to see the truth and that he will accept me as i am.

For this is an extremely difficult situation to solve in my life.Keep my husband away from his evil family and make my husband strong enough to foght back with his family and that my husband will always support me in good and bad times.Jesus,i ask yoou to also break the love affair relation which is strongly continuing between my husband and his friend’s wife.

They both are extremely deeply in love.Please Lord Jesus i ask you to break up this relation and open the eyes of my husband that he will only listen to me and keep his evil family away from his life.Break all the demon works that his mother has and being doing in her life for success….

Lord,keep my husband’s family away from us and make my husband trustful to me only!
Lord hear my prayer and i will wait for your answer.Amen!

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