Prayer to Blessed St. Jude for Healing Our Family

by Monica (Pasig, Philippines)

St. Jude, we have problems in our relationship. Beg almighty God to give us the light to see ourselves and each other as we really are. Help us to grow daily in self knowledge and mutual love, while at the same time developing our potential to love and to be loved. Help us St. Jude, to see and root our every manifestation of selfishness, vanity and childish self seeking.Those hidden enemies of love and maturity. Show us that by learning to love and being filled with love, we may complement and nurture each other as we share our lives together.

St. Jude pray for us and hear our prayers. Please beg God to heal my relationship to the father of my 5 year old son. Let our family be whole again with love. I promise to praise and glorify God with you and to be your faithful devotee until I can thank you to heaven.


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