Prayer to bless us with the selling of our home

by Laurie (Arlington, Texas)

Dear St. Joseph,

Our family has had our house for sale since 2009 when we moved to another city. We have had no serious offers and now we have a potential couple who is quite interested. Could you please intercede on our behalf in helping our house to be the right one for them?

My family and I have prayed about the sale of our house for the past 4 1/2 years without any results. Please St. Joseph bless the couple who are about to see our house and let them find it to be a suitable home for them. Also, please let them make a suitable offer since we already have the price marked well below what we paid for it.

Thank you St. Joseph and please continue to watch over our family and theirs. Most of all, that you Lord, for giving your son, Jesus Christ so that we may have eternal life. I most humbly pray.